The english AtoCC Page is still under construction most of the english translation is still missing.


Download AtoCC

  • AtoCC 1.32 [24.02.12] (Win32-Setup) [3 MB]

    Since September 2006 AtoCC was downloaded 13356 times.

  • GhostScript 8.60 for Win32
    If you want to use the PostScript examples for compilers, you need to install exactly this version of GhostScript before installing AtoCC (or reinstall AtoCC after installing GhostScript, to setup the system path variables).
  • Free Pascal
    If you want use Pascal (Delphi) within AtoCC (VCC Compiler) but dont want to use Borland Delphi please download Free Pascal (current version 2.2.0).

  • Petite Chez Scheme Page
    If you are going to use Scheme within AtoCC (SchemeEdit / Exports) please install Petite Chez Scheme (current version 7.1) too.

  • VCC Sample Project (german)
    In this archive you find a PDF file with a larger sample project with VCC sourcefile. This example is a simple Compiler for PL/0.

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