The english AtoCC Page is still under construction most of the english translation is still missing.

What is AtoCC?
The learning environment AtoCC can be of use in teaching abstract automata, formal languages, and some of its applications in compiler construction. From a teacher's perspective AtoCC aims to address a broad range of different learning activities forcing the students to actively interact with the subjects being taught.

AtoCC contains 6 programs (AutoEdit, AutoEdit Workbook, kfG Edit, TDiag, VCC, SchemeEdit). For further information about AtoCC and its components check the "Papers" section.


Use AutoEdit for creating automata transition graphs that can be used for web and print media publishing. Simulate and transform automata in various ways within AutoEdit. Export automata into Scheme source code and execute and modify them in SchemeEdit.

AutoEdit Workbook

As a student practise the finite automata theory on various lessons provided by AutoEdit Workbook via a web server. In addition add own lessons and share them with all AtoCC users at any time.

kfG Edit

Use kfG Edit to create context free grammars. Derive sample words with animated trees and export grammars to automatons or VCC definitions.


Use T-Diag for creating so called T-Diagrams for compiler processes. Execute diagrams at any time by using the automatically created batch files.


The Visual Compiler Compiler let you create own compilers than can be used within T-Diag. Build Scanner and Parser within a single tool and choose from two output languages (Pascal, Java, C# and Scheme).


Execute and modify your Petite Chez Scheme source files in this user friendly editor.
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